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Re: more Clear Channel more often

On Mon, 8 Oct 2001 Scott Saloway wrote:

> Here's the question: Clear Channel already runs
> radio and outdoor
> properties (two-thirds of Ackerley's business is in
> those areas). But does
> Clear Channel own any TV stations? 

Clear Channel does own a few broadcast television
stations around the country.  The only two I can
rattle off the top of my head right now are WXXA-TV 23
(Fox) in Albany, NY and WJAR-TV 10 in Providence, RI
IIRC.  So television is not a totally foreign concept
to them...

> will Clear Channel's purchase
> lead to a mass
> defection of employees? Will the local station
> suffer? Will Clear Channel
> try to "voice-track" (picture-track?) its TV
> stations from one central
> location? 

Actually, Clear Channel won't have to.  You see,
Ackerley beat them to the punch on this.  All of
Ackerley's Upstate NY TV stations are already
centrally operated out of WIXT-Syracuse's Master
Control.  As far as I know, each individual station
(in NY State anyway) only has news reporters, news
anchors, just barely as many people necessary to run
the studio for local news, and salespeople working at
the individual stations.  Everything else is
centralized in Syracuse.  So actually, this purchase
by Clear Channel would probably fit in very well with
their corporate ideaology, and at least Upstate NY
doesn't have to worry about any more local jobs
getting axed by this takeover (right now anyway),
because they were already all axed when Ackerley took
over all of these stations to begin with.

                            Matt Osborne
                            Hyde Park, NY

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