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Re: Tower Websites & National Security

As mixer said, if you know the lat and lon and the
frquencies that they are Txing on you could
potentially use it to guide a weapon.  The same reason
that you cannot have anything that broadcastts from a
US Post Office(or other fed building) with special

--- Jeremy Mixer <mixer@zoso.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr. wrote:
> > This is both a poll and question of sorts... I,
> like several other people,
> > run a tower related website which gives
> information on tower sites, their
> > use, etc...
> >
> > Do you think having such a site is a possible
> threat to national security or
> Well seeing as, last that I knew, all of the
> latitudes and longitudes are
> available on the FCC website, I wouldn't worry about
> it too much, however,
> if they remove that information, I feel that it is
> probably for a
> reason...

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