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Re: "WBZ Boston, USA"

In my book, the first thing BZ should lose are those 
positioners by that totally inane voiceover guy who kind 
of half whispers. On the day after the WTC collapse, he 
sounded absolutely _thrilled_ to be announcing "America 
Under Attack." I think the positioners were positively 
unseemly and that the voiceover guy should have been 
terminated forthwith and the person responsible for 
engaging his services and OKing his America Under Attack 
positioner should have been given notice that his next 
such ill-advised decision would be his last for 

I suppose that any broadcast exec worth his or her salt 
regards a national crisis as an opportunity (to get 
publicity, market share, whatever), but to have a 
voiceover guy sound positively gleeful about the tragic 
deaths of 7000 people was tasteless and gross in the 
extreme. 'BZ management should be ashamed of itself.

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> Hasn't anyone else noticed--and cared to comment on--WBZ radio's
> amended TOH (and BOH) ID: "WBZ Boston, USA" ?
> I don't know, I just think it sounds kind of tacky.
> Also, all of the N/T stations are really starting to profusely (to the
> point of leaving bruises?) pat themselves on their backs about all of
> the extensive coverage they are covering--yeah, I know, this is
> nothing new, but given the circumstances, especially, it is still
> becoming more obnoxious, quicker than usual (or maybe it's just that,
> with a snowstorm or other media event, the event ends and the subsequent
> self-accoladation dies down after a few days?).
>      ~Kaimbridge~