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Re: "WBZ Boston, USA"

nice to see that many facets of our everyday lives are indeed returning to
normal.  (example:  this thread.)
in that vein, though:  what's wrong with a station showing a little
patriotic flavor.  Boston is where this whole "USA" thing pretty much began.
and besides, I thought it was a nice touch.  i also like the NBC logo.
(red,white&blue peacock)
the self-promotion aspect?  it's always been prevalent in radio.  gotta
remind 'em who got 'em through it all.  snowstorms, hurricanes, elections,
etc.  same game plan.  just a different, gut-wrenching batch o sound bites.

btw:  has anyone noticed the amazing aura of civility?  let's hope it lasts
a little longer.  i was at an intersection by Medford Square the other day.
two light cycles later, my car made it through the busy intersection.  not
one car horn to be heard.  nice.

- -Chuck Igo