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Re: "WBZ Boston, USA"

I wouldn't mind the voicers if they said something about their coverage...

WBZ...Always on duty...Always there...Always reliable...

Self promotion...but it's definitely a true image for them.

I Don't like when they 'name' "war programming".


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> In my book, the first thing BZ should lose are those
> positioners by that totally inane voiceover guy who kind
> of half whispers. On the day after the WTC collapse, he
> sounded absolutely _thrilled_ to be announcing "America
> Under Attack." I think the positioners were positively
> unseemly and that the voiceover guy should have been
> terminated forthwith and the person responsible for
> engaging his services and OKing his America Under Attack
> positioner should have been given notice that his next
> such ill-advised decision would be his last for
> WBZ/Infinity/CBS/Viacom.
> I suppose that any broadcast exec worth his or her salt
> regards a national crisis as an opportunity (to get
> publicity, market share, whatever), but to have a
> voiceover guy sound positively gleeful about the tragic
> deaths of 7000 people was tasteless and gross in the
> extreme. 'BZ management should be ashamed of itself.
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> > Hasn't anyone else noticed--and cared to comment on--WBZ radio's
> > amended TOH (and BOH) ID: "WBZ Boston, USA" ?
> > I don't know, I just think it sounds kind of tacky.
> > Also, all of the N/T stations are really starting to profusely (to the
> > point of leaving bruises?) pat themselves on their backs about all of
> > the extensive coverage they are covering--yeah, I know, this is
> > nothing new, but given the circumstances, especially, it is still
> > becoming more obnoxious, quicker than usual (or maybe it's just that,
> > with a snowstorm or other media event, the event ends and the subsequent
> > self-accoladation dies down after a few days?).
> >
> >      ~Kaimbridge~

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