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One more note on FoxNews ...

This morning, my wife and I put on "Fox and Friends" the
morning show, like we do every morning, and ED Donahey,
the morning newsbabe, went through the usual updates on
WTC. But then, she said that the station had received a "flood" of emails from viewers who hoped the country would find an alternative to going to war. 

'Maybe the mood in the country is changing,' she said,
before going to a commercial. 

This was surprising to me and we both looked at other
and said "Wow." [It should be noted that she favors some 
sort of military action.]

On MSNBC late last night, imagine my SHOCK to actually
see peacnik BU professor Howard Zinn, a WW2 vet, on TV
debating the pacifist position with a military expert.
Maybe there is hope for the news orgs yet?

Also, has anyone else noticed the shift by the
intelligence agencies from bin Laden to Saddam? This
seems to happening very quickly and it is all very
curious. Does W. think that the public will not stand
for a protracted war against Islam? Will Saddam become
a scapegoat so that the admin can claim a quick victory?
Very interesting indeed.

Lastly, an apology: While there is still some
disagreement about the palestinian footage broadcast on
CNN, the person who claimed it was from 1991, has stated
that they made a mistake and admitted that it is current