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Re: One more note on FoxNews ...

--- RadioTony@aol.com wrote:

> On MSNBC late last night, imagine my SHOCK to
> actually
> see peacnik BU professor Howard Zinn, a WW2 vet, on
> TV
> debating the pacifist position with a military
> expert.
> Maybe there is hope for the news orgs yet?

Not sure what you mean by "hope for the new orgs",

One of my problems with the media is that they find
people in extreme positions and put them on TV as the
"other side".  I think with most issues...very few
people are at the extremes.  Most tend towards the

BTW..There will always be a few people who want to sit
idlely by while 5,000 of their innocent contrymen are

If 5,000+ people dead while opening their mail and
having their morning coffee isn't something that calls
for military action...and sacrifices...I don't know
what does.  

Wait until the visuals of 5,000 gravestones/memorials
start hitting the papers/magazines...

> Also, has anyone else noticed the shift by the
> intelligence agencies from bin Laden to Saddam? This
> seems to happening very quickly and it is all very
> curious. 

It appears to have started when it was reported
(NYTIMES?) that the one of the perpetrators Ziad
Jarrah, met with Iraqui intelligence.  I think it's
only reasonable to look under that rock....

Joe Pappalardo


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