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Re: One more note on FoxNews ...

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Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 10:28 AM
Subject: One more note on FoxNews ...

> This morning, my wife and I put on "Fox and Friends" the
> morning show, like we do every morning, and ED Donahey,
> the morning newsbabe, went through the usual updates on
> WTC. But then, she said that the station had received a "flood" of emails
from viewers who hoped the country would find an alternative to going to
> 'Maybe the mood in the country is changing,' she said,
> before going to a commercial.
> This was surprising to me and we both looked at other
> and said "Wow." [It should be noted that she favors some
> sort of military action.]
> On MSNBC late last night, imagine my SHOCK to actually
> see peacnik BU professor Howard Zinn, a WW2 vet, on TV
> debating the pacifist position with a military expert.
> Maybe there is hope for the news orgs yet?
> Also, has anyone else noticed the shift by the
> intelligence agencies from bin Laden to Saddam? This
> seems to happening very quickly and it is all very
> curious. Does W. think that the public will not stand
> for a protracted war against Islam? Will Saddam become
> a scapegoat so that the admin can claim a quick victory?
> Very interesting indeed.
> Lastly, an apology: While there is still some
> disagreement about the palestinian footage broadcast on
> CNN, the person who claimed it was from 1991, has stated
> that they made a mistake and admitted that it is current
> footage.
> Tony