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Re: One more note on FoxNews ...

Those against military action have got plenty of media coverage in the last
24 hours.  I have seen coverage in various venues.  I think the lack of
coverage up to this point is related to the coverage of the immediate attack
and reaction and the peace groups not making much noise until the last
couple of days.  I am sure that they will get their share of coverage, and
more.  Those against military action certainly got their share of coverage
before and during the Gulf War.  Why would it be any different this time?  I
hope that the coverage of the pro-peace crowd is critical coverage.  They
should be asked what they would do to combat terrorism.  The press is
already talking about what various military options might or might not
accomplish.  The turn-the-other-cheek option should get similar critical
coverage.  I just heard an NPR story where the peaceniks were allowed to
blather on about their views with no questioning of the effects of their

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine