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Re: Manchester, NH 7-5-0 AM Coming to a radio dial near you?

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 03:06:08 -0400 EM1 GITCHIER
<RGITSCHIER@doyle.navy.mil> writes:
>I seen in http://www.geocities.com/amlogbook/changes.htm ......  that
there is a "New 
>Station Grant" for 750AM in Manchester, New Hampshire.....

Not exactly.  I checked the FCC web site and found our friend Bob
Vinikoor, filing as Manchester Radio Partners, applied for a new Class B,
unlimited time, directional AM in Manchester at 750 (File No. BNP -
20000201AGZ; facility ID 122547).  He requested new calls.  Of course Bob
has had trouble getting local zoning approval for the necessary tower(s)
to upgrade WNTK in New London.

He had no more luck this time.  The FCC dismissed the app on August 7th.

Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions

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