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Re: WCVT - WCRB (and WDEV)

> Umm, in its day, WDEV was very respected as a good
> station which gave plenty of exposure to local talent.  I believe it
> on the air in July 1931, with about 250 watts, owned by the
Waterbury (VT)
> Times; Harry Whitehill was president.  By 1934, it was expanding its
> broadcast day and  increasing its power.

I guess "old dog" didn't come across as the term of endearment that it
was intended to be <g>.  Vt. Public Television occasionally runs some
good historical pieces.  A vet. of WDEV was one of the interviewees on
the history of the station.  There was some interesting old footage of
WDEV Waterbury and how intertwined it was in local music performances,
in-studio music, just as things were in the dawn of the medium.
Today, the station still does a decent job.  Lots of local programming
with talent that seems fairly tenured and untethered.

Bill O'Neill