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Re: WCVT - WCRB (was: Heat Wave Triggers ...)

DanStrassberg writes:
> Unrelated to your post but interesting nevertheless, at
> least to AM DA phreaks such as me, is that WDEV's three-
> tower array, though probably not unique, is certainly
> unusual in being located on a hillside. (Of course, what
> _isn't_ on a hillside in that area? To answer my own
> question, things that are on hilltops.) I have not seen
> another AM DA in which all of the tower bases aren't on
> or very close to the same level. I wonder whether the
> FCC demanded measurements of the vertical pattern as
> part of the proofs before granting a license to cover.

I drove by that array this noon heading north.  I believe it's off
exit 9 or 10 just north of the capital exit.  Is that 550's original
array?  I figured WDEV to be an old dog station from way back at
perhaps a kilowatt.  You're right that the Green Mtns. are pretty
relentless in that area.  550 does a decent job getting out and
certainly can't complain about dial placement.

Bill O'Neill