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Re: Paul Allen

How much can WWZN cost to run? $2 million a year sounds 
high. Almost all of the programming comes from the bird. 
Yeah, I know, that will change--especially after the 
Celtics contract kicks in. For now, though, I bet the 
biggest expense is the power bill.

If I'm not mistaken Allen's net worth has been estimated 
to be in the $20 billion area. So at $2 million per 
year, he could keep WWZN going for 10,000 years, 
assuming that the $20 billion produced zero income and 
that WWZN was his only losing investment--both pretty 
lousy assumptions.

Still, it probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense to 
lose sleep over Allen's financial well-being.
> Even several BILLION dollars is a finite amount; how long can
> even a person of his resources keep bleeding moolah?