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WBIX-AM 1060 Gives Away Powerball(tm) Tickets; Proves It Has Listeners

I flipped on WBIX-AM 1060 for today's  (08/22) final stock numbers.
Mark Mills was asking questions and callers could win Powerball(tm)
tickets for tonight's drawing with the right answer.  He got calls 
(I say plural because he said so) and the one I heard was a very
savvy and alert guy. Gee...if he has a diary, maybe business 1060 will
last a little longer.
Hey...is it legal to give away tickets to an out-of-state lottery?
The way they set it up:  if one of the tickets assigned to the callers
who had the right answer hit,
he or she would be notified by WBIX.  If one of those 
ducats IS the big one, do you think that WBIX will just turn it 
over to the contestant?

Laurence Glavin

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