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Re: Chronicle NH Edition ---> Other NH/ME Notes

I agree that WBLM is generally unimpressive, but they cleaned up in the
Spring book.  Huge numbers across the board.  They are a basic classic rock
station and consistently get good numbers.  Why mess with success?  I also
assume that they are voice-tracked much of the time, but their jocks didn't
sound any different before voicetracking.

I really liked the A to Z feature.  They played a lot of music you never
hear on the radio anymore.  A pretty unique feature.  It lasted for about
two weeks.  I drove home from Portland on Saturday while listening to three
different versions of "Who do you love" back to back.  They went from Bo
Diddley to George Thourogood to Thourogood live.  Great stuff.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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> In the "unimpressed" category - I found WBLM 102.9 to be completely -
well -
> uncreative when it came to air staff/talent.  Maybe because all the day
> parts I heard sounded voice tracked...and again this year (maybe its bad
> timing on my part) they were "working from the basement of the station"
> doing the A-Z thing from the music library.