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Re: Chronicle NH Edition ---> Other NH/ME Notes

> I saw a promo on the noon news today on Ch 9 (WMUR, Manchester, NH) saying
> that they will soon be airing a NH edition of Chronicle.  Don't know for
> sure, but it looks like it will be mostly segments produced by WCVB, but
> introduced by local NH hosts.

And a really neat promo to boot!

Speaking of NH, I got to "experience" NH and ME television and radio while
vacationing in the Mount Washington Valley last week...and may I say -
things change but they always stay the same...sort of.

I always get a kick out of listening to the two Conway based radio stations
(93.5 and 104.5).  While 104.5 has gone pretty much bird-fed oldies, 93.5
(WMWV?) remains local with a hybrid AC'ish format.

Then there's WPKQ and my friend Audley Williams...he and the sales folks are
holding down the fort in the "North Country Bureau" in Downtown Conway.  I'm
still impressed from an engineering point of view as to how the signal gets
from WOKQ to Mt. Washington and out to the listeners...all with little room
to spare in the time category to meet back up with the "Big Station"...its
the little things I guess.

In the "unimpressed" category - I found WBLM 102.9 to be completely - well -
uncreative when it came to air staff/talent.  Maybe because all the day
parts I heard sounded voice tracked...and again this year (maybe its bad
timing on my part) they were "working from the basement of the station"
doing the A-Z thing from the music library.

I was also one of many who scrambed big time when the Williams firing broke.
Thank heavens for NECN and NESN...it only really made news later on at the
6:00 news...altho I actually heard it first on WOKQ between songs...yes...an
announcer broke away from format to provide news.  But then again, that's
not surprising when it comes to OKQ - they're news hounds on the FM dial
with a country format - go figure!

On the TV side - it was a treat to see John Dougherty again on WMTW TV...it
seems as if they put their 11 PM anchors on some sort of staggered
schedule...saw him Sunday night...didn't see him again til Tuesday.  In any
case - a professional with great presentation.

Its a breath of fresh air in what I call "Gods Country" - and sometimes
makes me wonder what brings me back to Boston...people are generally more
patient, life is a little more laid back, and where else can you see black
bear cubs running across a highway?

Marc Lemay