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Re: Chronicle NH Edition ---> Other NH/ME Notes

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Marc Lemay wrote:

> In the "unimpressed" category - I found WBLM 102.9 to be completely - well -
> uncreative when it came to air staff/talent.  Maybe because all the day
> parts I heard sounded voice tracked...and again this year (maybe its bad
> timing on my part) they were "working from the basement of the station"
> doing the A-Z thing from the music library.

Really? I think that the blimp is one of the more decent stations in the
Portland market, aside from their corperate programming. They are actually
live all the time or at least have someone in the station. The weeknight
overnighter Ron Brown is a Rock encyclopedia (and probably one of my
biggest radio idols), Mark Persky is a lot mellower then he was in his
younger days but is still wacky, Tommy C. is one of the smoothest jocks in
the Portland market, I always thought they had a pretty decent on-air
staff all around. Maybe the reason they sounded voice tracked was because
in order to add a basement echo effect they pre-recored their bits and
tehn added echo, but I, although I heard none of this year's A-Z, always
loved the A-Z because they really dig thrugh a lot of stuff for that, and
do an amazing job with it. But they always have someone there. Initially
the reason I got into radio was because I wanted to work there, however
now, while I eventually would like to get out of Bangor, I am enjoying
where I am for the time being up here at locally owned WKIT....the key
words being "locally owned" :)

And I have grown to appreciate the WKIT format over teh WBLM format
because we don't ahve that corperate programming thing going on...