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Re: Chronicle NH Edition ---> Other NH/ME Notes

Jeremy on the Blimp:
The weeknight
> overnighter Ron Brown is a Rock encyclopedia (and probably one of my
> biggest radio idols), Mark Persky is a lot mellower then he was in
> younger days but is still wacky, Tommy C. is one of the smoothest
jocks in
> the Portland market, I always thought they had a pretty decent
> staff all around.

Tommy Carbone is an alum. of WLTI/WJUL Lowell.  He was there prior to
my tenure there but was known to be a hard working talent, nice guy
and great voice even as a young guy.  Glad he's still doing well.

FYI, WJUL's 50 reunion is in the planning stages (drawing upon it's
original 1951 carrier current 640 kHz incarnation.)  Sadly, the 30th
reunion seems like <wheeze, cough> yesterday, ayuh.

Bill O'Neill