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Re: this week in review....

WOW....Ron Landry is the man with the DATES and DETAILS!  ~~~  ;-)

Impressive!  LOL!


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> On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> > I think Ron Robin went to WBZ in 1981 to do middays.....(remembering how
> > management "suspended" him for not making it from P'town to Sldiers
> > Road during a storm once.)
> He did indeed. John Kosian took over as PD at WBOS until the end of the
> year, when WBOS flipped to AOR.
> > And I think "Maxanne"...or was it "Roxanne" had taken over WBOS in 1982
> > made it into a rock station.  (It was the firt time I remember Hoffman
> > spending any money on billboards/buscards/anything!)
> No; Maxanne wasn't hired until the spring of '83.
> On January 4, 1982, the AOR format at WBOS was launched by Jack O'Brien,
> who was hired from a station in Providence (WPRO-FM?). It was a close copy
> of WCOZ's "kick-ass rock-and-roll" format, and lasted until July 14, 1982,
> when Hebert Hoffman replaced Jack with Clark Smidt.
> Clark Smidt created what may have been the first AAA format, about a
> decade before its time. That format lasted until January 1983 when Clark
> Smidt's contract expired.
> Mr. Hoffman then turned the station over to Jane Duncklee, who was
> managing WUNR, and it ran without a program director for a few months.
> Then he hired Barry Skidelsky, Esq. to manage WBOS and Maxanne Satori as
> PD. Maxanne's format was alternative rock; it lasted only a few weeks. I
> got the impression Mr. Hoffman was not favorably impressed by the people
> Maxanne hired, most of whom sounded like college kids (but not "Rockin'
> Bob" Slavin, who came from the rapidly imploding WCOZ to do middays, and
> who was the last rock jock on WBOS when it went country on July 14, 1983).
> > I think Ron was there for their disco format...and When Kiss came on
> > gangbusters (remember that?)...WBOS segued to AC...and he was probably
> > most qualified person in the building to make a switch.  (I remember
> > disco did pretty well....3 or 4 share...until Kiss 108 came on the
> The disco format was originally a leased time program, "Disco Notes",
> hosted by Ron beginning in February, 1978. It was so popular that within a
> few weeks the station went all-disco and Ron was hired as PD by then-GM
> Alan ("what's yer function?") Temple.
> Kiss came on in 1979, lured away Vinnie Peruzzi and J.J. Wright, and
> quickly blew WBOS away. By the end of the year WBOS was down to about a
> 1.5 share. It flipped to AC in January 1980, I believe.
> > I  recall a billboard on theHoffman Building that you could see on the
> > (near the Storrow exit) that said  "Wbos *IS* Boston....Stereo 93".    I
> > remember that stayed up thru their Rock and Country incarnations...
> It's still there, but now it promotes WUNR as "Radio International".
> > Wasn't Jibguy there sometime around then...maybe he knows the time line
> > better....and how long WBOS was AC before "Maxanne"     ...and what year
> > Country arrived...with Dean James from WDLW...
> Dean James arrived on July 14, 1983, although he had previously been on
> part time as rock jock Dean Kelly. The country format lasted five years,
> under three owners: Hoffman, Sconnix, and Ackerly. Granum bought the
> station from Ackerly and flipped it to AAA. But that was long after my
> time; I left in December 1983 to go to California (where I worked for KDON
> AM/FM in Salinas for a couple of years before coming back and joining
> WCRB).
> > After WBZ....Ron Robin never showed up again on Boston radio....did he?
> I understand that he and ex-GM Allan Johnson bought a restaurant in
> Provincetown. I've not had any news of him since then.
> Rob Landry
> umar@nerodia.wcrb.com

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