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Re: this week in review....

> You had to tune in to Ron's Sunday afternoon show, "Disco-nnection", for
> those. Until, that is, Ron left for WBZ in the fall of 1981. Then
> "Disco-nnection" got disco-nnected.

> Ron Robin resurfaced on WHDH...this was when several former 'BZ'ers were
> there...Larry Glick, Listo Fisher, PD Ed Lennon, etc.  Ron used his real
> name, Ron Polcari.

I remember a benchmark of December 81 having a conversation with someone
about WBZ putting Ron Robin on middays....Not sure how long he lasted before
the migration over to WHDH (under Carey Pahigian?).

Anyone remember Ron doing "Disco Notes" on 'VBF?

So...what years was Ron Robin on 'MEX?


BTW....Anyone remember "Disco Lovin'" on WEZE with Vinny Peruzzi?  (Under
Clarke Schmidt?)

and...Anyone remember "Album 1260"?  A precurser to "Clark Schmidts Old
Records" format.


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