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Re: Chronicle NH Edition ---> Other NH/ME Notes

On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Tommy Carbone is an alum. of WLTI/WJUL Lowell.  He was there prior to
> my tenure there but was known to be a hard working talent, nice guy
> and great voice even as a young guy.  Glad he's still doing well.

Is he? Is he originally from Maine? Never really got to talk to him as
much as some of the others that work down at WBLM but he has such a
professional approach towards everything, is a very nice guy too. A few
years ago before I was interested in the other aspect of radio, the Online
WBLM loyal listener club had an online email for a sopecial classic rock
song of the day and you had to be caller 7, etc and you win a chance to be
in a drawing for something and you win a mug......and the song that day
was "Stairway to Heaven," so me being the Zeppelin fan that I am was at
work at Blue Cross/Blue Shield in South Portland and Stairway came on so I
rushed over to the phone, 4th try it rang. "Hi WBLM"
"Hi, I'm in the online loyal listener club..."
"yeah, and I got an email from Herb Ivy saying that there is still a song
of the day thing going on?"
"yeah.....and it said todays song was "Stairway to Heaven."
"Really? (5 seconds of silence and then really engergeticly "YOU ARE
CALLER NUMBER 7!!!! YOU'RE IN THE DRAWING BUDDY!!!!! And we have a mug
here in the office for you to pick up!"

Ironically, a couple of months after he started working for WBLM my mother
won a glass bowl at a gas station from him when he asked who sung the
siong that was on......she was so excited.

His on-air approach is so smooth, and his "Classic Lunch" and Ron Brown's
"3 O'Clock Break" are the best things that station has in my opinion....