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Re: this week in review....

On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Chuck Igo wrote:

> for Jeremy:  The Blimp is still a good station, but again, due to
> corporate direction, they have also lost that which made them stand
> out in the early 80's. and let me add that there were a number of
> Portland stations then not afraid to take chances and let it ride,
> programmed on a basis of "gut instinct" and talent instead of market
> or corporate research.  the ratings results we see now are based on
> the fact that all the listeners have is what's available.  imagine
> someone taking a chance to try something different.  i'll tip the hat
> on that thought to WCYY.  they rolled the dice on new and alternative
> artists and came up big.  funny, though... that's what WBLM and WMGX
> "USED" to do.  and i will give credit to those professionals in

The ironic thing about all of this is that it was Fuller-Jeffery who were
so innovative with WBLM in the early 80's, and who created WCYY whichwas
very daring at the time because alternative radio was very rare at the
itime, and it caught on. By the time WCYY was created WBLM was run out of
a more corperate mindet.....ironically with the same PD and MD (Herb Ivy
and Brian James), two men who are obviously doing what they're supposed to
do because those two stations are continuing to do an excellent job in the

Now that all teh Citidel stations are all in One City Center, do they
still have seperate PD's for the other stations besides the point, blimp
and WCYY, or are they consolidating the staff as well? Being up in Bangor
I've lost tabs.....