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No clue, but they'd be just nuts to give up that great 
930 signal for a signal that maybe 20% of the people in 
the much smaller listening area can receive. The FCC has 
reaffirmed that it does intend to force the broadcasters 
who built in ex-band to relinquish their regular-band 
stations after five years--as the applicants promised to 
do when they filed for ex-band.

Not sure how this affects stations that are no longer 
commonly owned with what were once their ex-band 
affiliates. I do think that stations can opt to take the 
ex-band signal dark instead of giving up the regular-
band station. And I believe that more than one ex-band 
station has already gone dark--probably for this reason.

> BTW: Does anyone know when (and if) 1700 (WGIN's supposed new home) is supposed 
> to go on the air?