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Watch your headers, Dan ((was: Re: Bill whining (was CNN anchor endorses satellite over cable))

> So we shouldn't listen to be who are successful?  We need more
people on the
> radio who are not good at their jobs?  I think living in Vermont is
> to you.  Your starting to sound like Bernie Sanders.

And moving to Maine would be an improvement?  Oh, and we all know Rush
to be what, the gold standard?  Cash follows quality? I missed that
course in ULowell.  (Good thing my question mark key works.)  Must
have been listening to college radio at the time.

> I don't think your criticism of Rush on this point is at all

I was young and I needed the money, but I remain legitimate.
"Illegitimate criticism." Mail that one to yourself and don't open the
envelope. I think you're on to something there.

> problems of being rich, he is illustrating absurdity by being

I'm glad we share his skill on this list.

> That's part of his act.  Rush being rich and living the good life is
> inconsistent with his ideology.  The people you should worry about
are the
> Ted Kennedy's of the world who have never had to worry about money
and claim
> to be concerned about the little people while summering in their
> on Martha's Vineyard.

I do worry about Ted.  Especially his driving.  And his bill to

> The radio person who is best at handling his success is Don Imus.
He's a
> rich, egotistical old man who loves to live the good life and
> pretend otherwise.  He is trying to do some good with his money, but
> try to pretend he's sacrificing anything in the process.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Dittos on the I-Man.

Bill O'Neill