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CNN anchor endorses satellite over cable

This is slightly off topic, but humorous:

In the last hour, CNN did an interview with the author of a Consumer Reports 
study on consumer satisfaction with cable and satellite television service.  
The study showed that consumers were much more satisfied with satellite than 
cable.  Leon Harris, who was doing the interview, said he switched to 
satellite because the customer service with the cable company was poor.  When 
they finished the interview and switched to the other anchor, she said "Don't 
get me started on the customer service of those companies."  Those companies? 
 AOL Time Warner, the owner of CNN and one of the biggest cable companies in 
the country?

I found it very odd that the anchors seemed almost oblivious to the fact that 
they work for a cable company.  I guess editorial freedom still exists at 
CNN, at least until the AOL Time Warner higher ups hear about today's 

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine