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RE: Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

WNNK (Wink 104) is on top of Blue Mountain nearby - it's on one of the
three towers on top of that ridge overlooking Summerdale, northwest of
Harrisburg. The center/tallest tower (red illumination) is for WHTM-TV
27 (formerly WTPA-TV, sister station to WTPA FM104, before the FM was
bought in 1994 and switched to the current CHR Wink 104 format January
15, 1985). Current sister station WTCY - "The Touch" 1400AM transmits
from a single near-quarterwave tower just south of Harrisburg, along the

WNNK-FM shares tower space with WRBT - "Bob 94.9". Those are the three
FM/TV facilities I'm aware of up on that end of the mountain. WJAZ 91.7
(Temple Public Radio) is a fun bike ride west along the mountain, closer
to Lamb's Gap.

WHP 580 is on the other side of I-81, just northwest of the junction
with PA 944/Wertzville Road. There were never any FM facilities on the
six 84.9 degree towers in that lawn to my knowledge.

While I'm down there next week, I'll see what pictures I can snap of the
sites around there I find interesting (including these).

-Peter Murray (N3IXY/1)
Somerville, MA

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I thought I saw once that WINK 104 was in those towers.

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That's actually 6 antennae, for WHP - AM 580. They're grouped in a 3 X 2
matrix. It's been there as long as I can remember - very well maintained
from what I can see (right down the hill from my parents' place).

Another (newer) interesting site is for Reading, PA's full-service
WEEU - AM 830, along I-78, near the Shartlesville exit (exit 8).
Recently built, when that station moved from it's lower-powered
facilities on 850 down to 830 (with more power).

-Peter Murray (N3IXY/1)
Somerville, MA (grew up in Harrisburg, PA)