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Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

<<On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 14:15:32 -0400, "Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr." <fitzradio@the-spa.com> said:

> What are some of the most impressive tower farms or tower sites you tower
> hunters have ever been to or seen?

If you've seen Scott's pictures of South Mountain in Phoenix, well,
that's pretty impressive.  Also out west, the mountaintop site with
half of Fresno was an interesting site to get to, and a nice drive up
as well.  The same could be said about the TV sites on the ridge south
of Rapid City.  The tower farm in Omaha has all three services in
close proximity.

Signal Hill in Kansas City is pretty impressive for an urban
location.  The parking lot at the TV station in St. Joseph is
underneath the tower, which is almost surreal.

Mount Royal in Montreal is astonishing to look at -- no vertical
surface is left unoccupied, almost all the way down to ground level.

For AMs, I'd probably cast my vote for Valley Brook Road in the
N.J. Meadowlands as the most visually interesting.  For individual AM
sites, it's hard to beat WLW -- although I'd put in a good word for
WGN and WBBM as well, which are about a mile apart in suburban Chicago.

It wouldn't be too hard to come up with a state-by-state list.  Here
are my picks for both VHF/UHF and MW, excluding rooftops:

ME - Sebago Lake; WGAN
NH - Mount Washington, Mount Uncanoonuc; WGIR
VT - Mount Mansfield; WDEV
MA - Asnebumskit Hill, Newton/Needham; WBZ
RI - Neuticoncanut Hill; Wampanoag Trail (WHJJ and WPRO)
CT - Rattlesnake Hill, West Peak; WTIC
NY - Pinnacle Hill, Grand Island; WWKB/WGR
NJ - ?; Meadowlands
PA - Roxborough; KYW, WHP, KDKA
MD - TV Hill (Baltimore); ?
VA - probably haven't seen it yet
NC - Raleigh and Charlotte tower farms, WITN/WNCT; WPTF, WBT
OH - ?; WLW
KY - ?; WHAS
IN - WSBT/WNSN/WSBT-TV (and the rest of South Bend's TVs), Floyd's Knobs; ?
IL - ?; Itasca, East St. Louis area
IA - Ames/Boone tower farm, WOC/KWQC/etc.; KXEL, WHO
MO - Signal Hill (Kansas City); WHB, KCMO
KS - ?; WDAF
NE - Omaha tower farm; KRVN, KFAB
SD - Sioux Falls and Rapid City tower farms; WNAX
NV - Mt. Rose; ?
CA - Sutro; ?
WA - Queen Anne Hill TV towers; Vashon Island (KVI, KOMO, ex-KING, etc.)