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Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

What are some of the most impressive tower farms or tower sites you tower
hunters have ever been to or seen?

Here are four I can think of off the top of my head:

1) West Peak in Meriden, CT (Serves Hartford, CT). This site has 10 towers,
including 6 FM towers, each with both a primary and backup for each station,
and two of the towers containing two FM stations.

2) Heldeburg Mountain in New Scotland, NY. (Serves Albany, NY)
This site stretches out about 2 miles and has 5 full power TV stations, 8
full power FM stations, and about 25 towers total.

3) Newton-Needham in Metro Boston. The four massive towers that have a total
of 8 TV stations, 5 FM stations all on four towers which are all close to
each other.

4) The "Travelers Farm" on Avon Mountain in West Hartford, CT. 3 TV's, 2
FM's, and one major AM station, WTIC.


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