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Re: Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

Garrett wrote:

> For AMs, I'd probably cast my vote for Valley Brook Road in the
> N.J. Meadowlands as the most visually interesting.  For individual AM
> sites, it's hard to beat WLW -- although I'd put in a good word for
> WGN and WBBM as well, which are about a mile apart in suburban Chicago.
> It wouldn't be too hard to come up with a state-by-state list.  Here
> are my picks for both VHF/UHF and MW, excluding rooftops:
> ME - Sebago Lake; WGAN

Honorable mentions here for the Bangor mountaintops and for
Mars Hill up near Presque Isle on VHF and for WABI on AM.

> NH - Mount Washington, Mount Uncanoonuc; WGIR

I'd take WFEA on AM before WGIR, also the green-and-white of WDCR!

> VT - Mount Mansfield; WDEV
> MA - Asnebumskit Hill, Newton/Needham; WBZ

Actually, I've got to say that WBZ is one of the less-impressive I-A
clear sites I've seen, at least in terms of sheer amount of steel in
the air. I'd nominate WTAG as the most impressive AM site in MA, at least
if it's still as well-maintained as it was a few years ago. WMAS ranks
high on the "cute" scale as well...

> RI - Neuticoncanut Hill; Wampanoag Trail (WHJJ and WPRO)

WALE! :-) And for VHF, WLNE in Tiverton...

> CT - Rattlesnake Hill, West Peak; WTIC

WTIC, yes, and I'd put Talcott up there on the V/U list, too...but there's
also WICC as at least an honorable mention, and the old WNLC-1510 when
it was still standing.

> NY - Pinnacle Hill, Grand Island; WWKB/WGR

Aw gee, I'm flattered :-) I'd put Binghamton's Ingraham Hill and
Albany's Helderbergs ahead of both for VHF/UHF, though (and Ingraham
has AM as well!). For AM, WGY, WBEN and WSYR are all darned fine 
sites to see...and City Island, too!

> NJ - ?; Meadowlands

Ah, those NJ TV/FM sites ;-) I guess my nominee would be WSNJ in 
Bridgeton -- a VERY tall self-supporter carrying both FM and AM.

> PA - Roxborough; KYW, WHP, KDKA

KYW over the other two, I'd think...with honorable mentions for
FM/TV to Pittsburgh's North Hills, Peach Street in Erie and
Penobscot Mountain near Wilkes-Barre.

> MD - TV Hill (Baltimore); ?

WTOP, in a walk. Oh, that's _licensed_ to DC, you say? Well, yeah. OK...
WBAL, then. 

> OH - ?; WLW

For VHF/UHF, there are only two choices: the Seven Hills area south of
Cleveland and the hills of Cincinnati. Hmmm...actually, then there's the
giant self-supporter of WKBN-TV in Youngstown, which would have been 
even more impressive in the days when WKBN(AM)'s towers were lined up
right behind it. Oh, and then there's the graceful curvy WSTR 64 tower
on Winton Road in Cincinnati (see DC, below), which you can't possibly miss. 
WSPD in Toledo and WBNS and WTVN in Columbus are AM
contenders for a distant second behind WLW. Oh, and then there's WWVA,
too...so many choices!

> KY - ?; WHAS