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> IN - WSBT/WNSN/WSBT-TV (and the rest of South Bend's TVs), Floyd's Knobs; ?

The South Bend TV/FM farm is nice, but the clusters in both Indy
and Fort Wayne have more steel :-). For AM, WOWO is less impressive
than you'd imagine, so I might have to choose WIBC (six towers) or
WSBT for the crown...or WIND in Gary.

> IL - ?; Itasca, East St. Louis area

I think you *have* to include rooftops here (and in NY, too?) to
count Sears and Hancock. Agreed on your AM choices...

> IA - Ames/Boone tower farm, WOC/KWQC/etc.; KXEL, WHO

I'd put WHO far ahead of KXEL, and in fact I'd put WMT in second place,
with KWMT not far behind...

> MO - Signal Hill (Kansas City); WHB, KCMO
> KS - ?; WDAF

We didn't see the big Topeka TVs out west of town, so for now I'd
put KTWU at the top, reluctantly...and only because the engineers were
so friendly.

> NE - Omaha tower farm; KRVN, KFAB
> SD - Sioux Falls and Rapid City tower farms; WNAX
> NV - Mt. Rose; ?

My NV towering has been mostly in the southern end, where the AM winners
are KXNT-840's five big sticks and the camouflaged array of 870 in East
Las Vegas (actually down near Henderson).

> CA - Sutro; ?

Sutro, yes...but also San Bruno in the Bay Area. But then there's also
the huge, huge TV towers between Sacramento and Stockton. For AM in 
Northern CA, there's KGO, with three big towers *in* the bay, alongside
the Dumbarton Bridge; the triumvirate of KMKY 1310, KABL 960 and KIQI
1010, three towers each, all lined up along the Oakland end of the
Bay Bridge approach; the very tall KVTO 1400/KFRC 610 stick just north
of that; and for quirky value, KVEC 920/KJDJ 1030, waaaaay up there
on a hill overlooking CA 1 north of San Luis Obispo. And then
there's southern California: Mount Wilson for TV/FM, of course (saw it
from the air last week, but not up close), and for AM a whole bunch
of neat sites, including KYPA 1230 Los Angeles (a rooftop hammock-style
wire antenna, perhaps the last one left of its kind), KJAZ 1260 Beverly
Hills (a four-tower array with just three actual towers; the fourth 
element is a vertical wire hung between two of the towers), KSON
1240/KURS 1040 San Diego (a mammoth self-supporter), KFMB 760 San
Diego (three towers, one on the *other side* of the CA 52 freeway
approaching Santee -- there's a culvert under the freeway carrying the
transmission line), and did I mention KFI and KNX and KHJ?

> WA - Queen Anne Hill TV towers; Vashon Island (KVI, KOMO, ex-KING, etc.)

Yes, absolutely.

A couple more states and provinces, if I may:

MI - Southfield tower farm; WJR and the "old" WWJ
ON - CN Tower; CBL(CHWO)/CJBC (for the building and transmitter), the
 Grimsby tower clusters (for towers themselves)
QC - Mount Royal; CBM/CBF Brossard. Honorable mentions to: Camp Fortune
 north of Hull and the downed CKTM tower near Shawinigan for VHF/UHF,
 and to CKAC, the old CIQC, and CHRC for MW.
NB - Moncton TV/FM site (because we never saw Champlain); CFBC Saint
 John (CBA was unimpressive!)
PEI - CBCT tower (by default); CFCY 630
BC - ? (never saw the big Vancouver TV/FM site); CBU  (and by extension,
 the many AM towers that dot the Surrey/Richmond area south of Vancouver)
AZ - South Mountain, of course; KTAR 620 Phoenix (two big ones in 
 a shopping-center parking lot)
DC - WBDC/WCSP tower, a gracious curvy steel self-supporter on Georgia
 Ave (second place: the channels 9/7 site on the northwest side); WOL
 1450 (utterly nondescript, but it's the only AM tower *in* DC!)
Baja California - XEWT/XETV (on a steep hill in the middle of Tijuana);
 XEPRS 1090 (three big towers along the coast on the toll road to
 Rosarito Beach), XEC 1310 (the cutest little self-supporter next to 
 the studio in downtown Tijuana)

That about does it for territory I've covered in the last few years...