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Get with the Pgm. Line (was: EAS System)

Mountain Wireless (Monty, for short?) wrote:

Radio stations where the jock/host is listening
> to a program feed, rather than an air feed are often completely
oblivious to
> the fact that anything ever happened, since the ENDEC is almost
> downstream from the studio.

It took a long time to adjust to pre-delay in the headphones.  There's
something about audio that's whacked to %#@! with meters painted on
the mod monitor and into your bleeding ears. Some stations, I've
heard, try to replicate (or mimic) processing in the headphone bus
with that over the air to let the jock/talker maximize mic technique.
(Mic technique, heh? Sezwha...?  You repeat tha...?  Huh?)

Bill O'Neill