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Re: VHF Spacing question...

However the originally cited example, Channel 13 in Albany, is a bad one. 13
in Albany is short-spaced to 13 in Newark NJ. 10 in Albany is short-spaced
to 10 in Providence RI. 6 in New Bedford is short spaced to 6 in Portland
ME. 8 in New Haven is short spaced to 7 in New York City and 9 in Secaucus

Channel 13 in Albany was originally dropped in to the hamlet of Vail Mills
NY near Amsterdam, where it was short-spaced to nothing but also didn't
really serve Albany. I think that 13 in Albany might originally have been
dropped into a location in the southern Adirondaks not far from Lake George
where it would have been short-spaced to nothing, but I don't think the
station ever operated from that location. I think it has always operated
from Bald Mtn in North Troy, which was originally the site of Channel 35, to
which 13 was the VHF successor.


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><<On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 13:41:43 -0400, "Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr."
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>> I have yet to find this information on the FCC's website, without looking
>> through a couple thousand laws. What is the minimum spacing allowed
>> co-channel full power VHF stations (i.e. Channel 13 in Albany to channel
>> somewhere else).
>47 CFR 73.610 ``Minimum distance separations between stations.'' took
>me all of fifteen seconds to find on LII.
>To answer your specific question, quoting directly from the regulations:
>                                                     Kilometers
>Zone                            -------------------------------------------
>                                      Channels 2-13          Channels 14-69
>I .............................    272.7 (169.5 miles)    248.6 (154.5
>II ............................    304.9 (189.5 miles)    280.8 (174.5
>III ...........................    353.2 (219.5 miles)    329.0 (204.5