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Re: EAS System

In a message dated 06/08/2001 2:51:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mixer@zoso.net writes:

<<  Maybe this means I am ready for the big markets? >>


     you were ready for the big markets the day you decided you wanted to do 
radio.  there are a number of people working their "first jobs" in Boston, on 
the air.  
      as far as EAS is concerned, I know the SAGE units do not require a 
password.  merely following the "cursors" on the LED screen.  pretty easy 
stuff.  the requirement for rebroadcast of either the Required Monthly Tests 
(RMT) or of actual emergency information (Tornado, Hurricane, Severe T-Storm) 
is within 20 minutes of receipt.  the SAGE units themselves are default-timed 
to kick the message out of its system and onto the air if a manual 
transmission is not enacted sooner.

- -Chuck (hooooooooooooooooooo.... ooops, inside EBS test reference again) Igo