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Re: EAS System

On 7 Jun 2001, at 21:44, Dan Billings wrote:

>   I believe the way
> they have things et up at 420 Western Avenue is that activations run
> automatically on all the stations in the buildings, even those that
> have live operators.  I seem to remember doing a live on show on WMGX
> a couple of years ago and having the EAS system take control of the
> station when there was a flood warning for Cumberland County.  I think
> required tests are delayed until a stopset.
> >

When they hit...they hit!   I have been in the middle of a news tease 
at :30 sec before they hour when the damn thing activates.  I have 
also been right in the middle of a story and have been cut off...and 
there's nothing to do until its finished.  Quite frankly, I think the 
tests are a waste of time.  It's either gonna work or it ain't....

Dan Cole, 
WGAN et al