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Re: EAS System

Again, that's probably an operator asleep at the switch(er) or the engineers
at 'NDS need to do some reprogramming. (I can hear their sales manager now:
"Next time break into the show, not a commercial!")  It happens to radio and
TV stations all the time, simply because operators are intimidated or not
properly trained on EAS, though many TV stations use a crawl now, which
minimizes the interruption. Radio stations where the jock/host is listening
to a program feed, rather than an air feed are often completely oblivious to
the fact that anything ever happened, since the ENDEC is almost always
downstream from the studio.

Rich Chadwick added:

> Just saw an EAS on WNDS-TV 50 last night that cut right into a spot - it
> was just a test, nothing urgent.   Although, this could be more a product
> of WNDS rather than the technology......