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Re: EAS System

 Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
>if you hear an EAS alert in the middle of a song or a commercial, the odds 
>are pretty good that there is not a LIVE OPERATOR at the controls at that 
>moment.  this will happen during the regular monthly tests.  should you hear 
>one on WBZ or WBMX, and you've often wondered if W--- is automated, flip
>radio to the suspected signal and start your stopwatch.  if it's automated, 
>you should hear the required monthly test within 20 minutes.  if there's a 
>living body in the control room, you'll most likely hear the rebroadcast as 
>part of a normal programming break.

Maybe in a major market.  At our stations I have a hard enough time getting
operators to LOG the damn things, let alone figure out how to relay one.
Those Sage EAS boxes just aren't that intuative for non-technical types.