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Re: Format Change at WBZ?

Dan B. asked:
<<Is it good radio to make your
listeners think that two of the best pros in Boston radio may be leaving the
station?  If we can only speculate as to what they were talking about, what
would the average listener think?>>


   hmmm.... maybe the average listener might think they need to be listening 
to WBZ and see what, if anything, is going to happen.  sounds like a great 
way to build cume and tsl to me.  (* note the WBZ programmer...  work this in 
once a week.  people DO listen...)
    as to the on-air, veiled (if any) references to an inside matter:  
happens every single day on every single radio station in this country.  
every day.  (wbz, newsradio, 1030.)  (talk about great branding...)
     as always, your labor-friendly approach has you firing off missives 
that, regardless of correctness (on the issue, you are indeed correct:  
negotiations belong as a matter between the two parties involved), might have 
you worked into a tizzy over nothing.  the original "thought" from Dave F. 
was that MAYBE it was in reference to the on-going AFTRA negotiations.  MAYBE>
   as for me:  i'm from Boston, and i drive bettah than you.   ;-)   
(relax, Dan.... it's the end of the semester...)

- -Chuck (can barely negotiate the rotary) Igo