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Re: Format Change at WBZ?

>Bill said--
>Sounds like shop-steward pot-stirring?  You gotta hope those two
>legends have a nice deal.  Two of the best.

Umm, maybe they changed it, but I thought Alan Siegel is the shop 
steward.  And the remark may have been inside humour from two veterans 
having a rare bad day-- some days, you just cannot read, no matter how hard 
you try, and you mess up every live element-- I saw a newscast on channel 5 
that was like that the other night... professionals and nice people who 
couldn't read even a couple of lines with their tongue getting tangled up 
(or their tangue getting tongled up).  But consider the hot rumour that at 
several Infinity stations, veteran announcers with big contracts have been 
asked to take early retirement in order to save the company money and bring 
in new faces/voices.  Otoh, Gary and Gil are very popular, and I doubt they 
would be replaced-- look at all the furour a few years back when they tried 
to replace Brudnoy...