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Re: Joe Moakley coverage

Kudos to NECN - they were wall-to-wall (live til at least 7 PM) from 3:30
til I signed off at 7:15 PM to watch the Red Sox...at 7:15 - they had a bird
feed hook up with Cong. Markey from DC.  The parts that I saw (while cooking
dinner, etc.) was lots of people with memories in studio and out...and RD
Sahl and Amanda Rosseter (sp?) handling things very, very well.

Marc Lemay
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From: Mark Watson <markwats@netway.com>
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Sent: Monday, May 28, 2001 9:21 PM
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> Donna Halper wrote:
> > When the passing of Cong. Moakley was announced,it did not take long for
> >all our local TV stations to devote large portions of their newscasts to
> >remembrances of him.
>    WCVB Channel 5 devoted most of it's 5 to 6:30 PM news block to coverage
> and reaction of Congressman Moakley's passing, including a nice tribute
> piece from Special Correspondent Clark Booth and a replay of Natalie
> Jacobson's interview with Mr. Moakley  which took place shortly after he
> announced his terminal illness in Febuary. They also pre-empted tonight's
> "Chronicle" in order to air a half-hour special on Mr. Moakley's life and
> political career.
>    WBZ Channel 4 devoted  less time to the story, but Senior Correspondent
> John Henning did a fine job on his remembrances.
>    WHDH Channel 7 did not have any early newscasts today as NBC had NBA
> Basketball playoff coverage, but Channel 7 did interrupt the network for
> almost 20 minutes of coverage around 5 PM.
>   I did not tune into NECN to see how they covered Congressman Moakley's
> passing.
>   Mark Watson