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Re: Londonderry Pirate drawn and quartered

Almost sounds like the ending of "Pump Up The
Volume", the film where Christian Slater played the
operator of a pirate station.

Would he be able to broadcast as long as it was
flea-powered? (Part 15 or whatever...) Well, probably
not worth the risk...

By the way I remember seeing ads for radio
transmitters in magazines like Popular Communications
and Monitoring Times; you'd buy them, "solder in
four places" and it would work. I think Radio
Free Berkeley also sold such kits.

Wonder if the FCC will also try to find the 89.3
pirate here in Beverly? Actually some of the stuff
he played the past few Fridays was kinda interesting,

--- brouder@juno.com wrote:
> Late last Wednesday afternoon, March 14th, the FCC
> triangulated pirate
> transmissions on 88.7 mHz and shutdown the operation

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