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Londonderry Pirate drawn and quartered

Late last Wednesday afternoon, March 14th, the FCC triangulated pirate
transmissions on 88.7 mHz and shutdown the operation on Adams Road in
Londonderry, NH.  It was operated by a "young disabled man" who had an
extensive array of equipment including elaborate antennas in his
backyard.  The area is described as a remote residence set back from
Adams Road about 100 feet.

The FCC Boston staff says no equipment was confiscated.  They issued
their version of a cease and desist and the individual pledged to staff
off the air.  The next time he shows up on 88.7, however, the FCC returns
with a truck.

Kudos to John Bolduc who did a lot of detective work on this; the FCC is
aware of his efforts and appreciative.

Ed Brouder, Chairman
NH State Emergency Communications Committee

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