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Re: Senior Demographic Ad Report

Still true:  Advertisers don't want 55+ demos.  And even when all the boomers 
reach 55+, advertisers still wont be interested despire larger numbers.  It's 
not numbers that keeps their disinterest intact, its just that older people 
are smarter and generallly do not fall into the traps of dishonesty of some 
advertising.  55+ folks are older & wiser and are not as easily fooled.  

In a message dated 3/19/01 12:48:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
dan.strassberg@att.net writes:

<< I have never heard anything besides anecdotal evidence 
 to support the thesis that people over 55 tune out 
 advertising. Maybe now that more and more boomers every 
 day turn 55, the advertisers and agencies will finally 
 get the message that traditional approaches to 
 advertising and demographics don't work. >>