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Re: changes at WRKO and WTKK

Last I knew (a couple of months ago), the closest station for the Dolans was
WEIM 1280 in Fitchburg. I assume that when WBIX starts to go belly up, 1060
will put the Dolans on in place of one of the people who walks.

When 1060 was still WMEX and the talk format was folding, that was the
strategy with Dr Joy Browne. Like the Dolans, Browne is syndicated by WOR.
Also like the Dolan's, Browne had a Boston-only gig--on a station called
WMEX--early her radio career. Bowne's WMEX was the original at 1510, though.
The Dolan's WMEX was at 1150.

Unlike most talk networks, I don't think WOR barters shows for time, so it
costs a station actual dollars to carry the Dolans (or Dr Browne).

The Mr Dolan of the WOR pair is Paul, right? He has or had a brother in
Boston who is (I believe) also a BC alum and who was also in the brokerage
business. The brother (Dick?) sometimes appeared on the Dolan's show on
1150; his voice and radio personna were virtually indistinguishable from his
brother's. The last that I know I heard of Dick (if that's his name) was
when he was indicted by the Commonwealth for securities fraud. I don't know
if he was cleared or convicted, but somewhere in the back of my mind I think
I recall hearing that he was convicted and barred for life from dealing in
securities. At the time this came up, there was some speculation that the
radio Dolan's were somehow involved in his shenannigans, but nothing
apparently ever came of that.

I guess we shouldn't be any harder on the radio Mr Dolan than we are on
Billy Bulger.


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>On another front, I'm surprised that "The Dolans" personal-finance show
>doesn't seem to be on the air in 617-land, especially since Ken Dolan,
>an enthusiastic BC alum, has a local connection.  (Call 'em up from
>around here, and he's likely to play the Eagle fight song.)