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Re: changes at WRKO and WTKK

 Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Last I knew (a couple of months ago), the closest station for the Dolans
> WEIM 1280 in Fitchburg.

  That is correct, at least as of a few weeks ago, the last time I happened
to hear WEIM while scanning the dial in the car. WEIM airs them from 1 to 3
PM, IIRC. They are still live and local in most dayparts, with  longtime
morning drive mainstay Ray C. doing mostly info/talk, with a couple of songs
an hour thrown in. Jack Raymond, another longtime WEIM personality, still
holding down the midday slot. They run Paul Harvey's news and commentary
(being a longtime ABC Information radio affiliate). After the Dolans, they
are live right on thru Midnight, I believe. I don't know if they still sign
off at Midnight or if they are on all night.

Mark Watson