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Re: changes at WRKO and WTKK

--- Dan Strassberg <Dan.Strassberg@att.net> wrote:

> The Mr Dolan of the WOR pair is Paul, right? He has or had a brother in
> Boston who is (I believe) also a BC alum and who was also in the brokerage
> business. The brother (Dick?) sometimes appeared on the Dolan's show on
> 1150; his voice and radio personna were virtually indistinguishable from his
> brother's. The last that I know I heard of Dick (if that's his name) was
> when he was indicted by the Commonwealth for securities fraud. I don't know
> if he was cleared or convicted, but somewhere in the back of my mind I think
> I recall hearing that he was convicted and barred for life from dealing in
> securities. At the time this came up, there was some speculation that the
> radio Dolan's were somehow involved in his shenannigans, but nothing
> apparently ever came of that.
> I guess we shouldn't be any harder on the radio Mr Dolan than we are on
> Billy Bulger.

Yes, the local Boston media didn't really cover that story very well 
but it was a huge story in the financial investment industry(around 1996-97).
Ken Dolan's brother, Paul, ran a very shady scheme in which he
urged clients to invest money in bogus tax-exempt funds and a dinner club
that failed within a year of opening. He was convincted of fraud and
sentenced to a few years(4 or 5?) in prison and thousands of
hundreds of dollars in fines.

And yes, Ken and Daria were actually named in a complaint by Mass. Secretary
of State's office. The complaint stated that Ken Dolan steered listeners to
his brother, a registered representative for a local brokerage house. The
complaints alleged that investors who had called,e-mailed and written
to the Dolans' syndicated radio show later were contacted by Paul Dolan.
However, there was not enough evidance or paper trail to build a case against
them. At the end, the state could not prove the allegations that Ken and Daria
actually received fees for referrals....


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> >On another front, I'm surprised that "The Dolans" personal-finance show
> >doesn't seem to be on the air in 617-land, especially since Ken Dolan,
> >an enthusiastic BC alum, has a local connection.  (Call 'em up from
> >around here, and he's likely to play the Eagle fight song.)

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