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WQSX off-the-air Saturday Morn

After windblown and wet snowstorms or sleet events, I
like to check the AM and FM dials to see if any outlets
were knocked off the air.  All the AM's were there..
WJIB-AM in its weakened condition..but two FM's,
one in the public band and one commercial were silent:
WJUL 91.5 Lowell and WQSX 93.7 licensed to 
Lawrence, transmitter Peabody, Mass for Boston 
market penetration.  None of the other 91.5's in 
Eastern Mass was coming in, so I left my tuner on 
93.7 to see if I could pick up the 93.7 in Hartford,
(xmmtr W. Pique, Medriden, CT) but all I got was an
occasional gurgle until WQSX came back on.  I don't 
know when they went off, but they were missing at least half
an hour Saturday.  Nobody here reported it; the honchos
at Entercomm should be afraid, very afraid.
The tower supports a main antenna and an auxiliary 
antenna, but apparently there's no backup generator.

Laurence Glavin

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