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Re: Software. Talk radio.

Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
>   Is the Star-6-9 function tied into caller id?  i've 
> not seen caller id in use at any of the stations where 
> i work, but i do work at stations with toll-free 
> numbers. and on occasion, when a caller reaches the 
> point of "harassment" (drunks, kids, those-not-wrapped
> too-tight calling the request line every three 
> minutes), i've hit *69 on the incoming line, but 
> always get the "...number not available by this 
> method..." recording.  
>  perhaps the identification feature is defeated with
> multiple, add-on lines?  anyone have experience with the
> utilization of caller id on a multi-bank of phone lines?
>   just wonderin'... and echoing the desire of every on-
> air person who can *almost* sense that the flashing
> light on the console indicates that (fill in the blank
> with the name of your least favorite caller) is once 
> again bored to his/her limit... so they'll call the 
> radio station.

*69 does work on the multi-line system where I work.  Of course callers can defeat this by dialing *67 before dialing. This prevents caller info from showing up on caller ID...and prevents the *69 function from functioning... it gives the recording you mentioned.

-Doug Bassett

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