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Re: changes at WRKO and WTKK

In a message dated Sat, 10 Mar 2001  1:23:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, Richard Chonak <rac@gabriel.cambridge.ma.us> writes:

<< Tonight on WRKO, consumer talker Clark Howard was out of the weeknight
10pm - 12m slot, and Mitch Albom was in.  It'll be interesting to see
whether a "liberal" talk show gets any numbers. >>

Mitch's show is liberal? I don't know if he really takes any political slant, not that I have noticed anyway. Spending a few months in metro Detroit in the summer, I had the choice of listening to him in the afternoon. It was either him or an annoying drive-time show on the all-sports station featuring an annoying columnist. That's all the talk.

I personally don't see where Mitch gets his listenership from, but then again he's been on WJR for a while, so he must be having some success. Didn't really like his weekend "Best of" either. I think he was probably more successful in Detroit back before he was syndicated from 3-5, a la Howie Carr. (His last hour is just on WJR.) In fact, I wonder if that had anything to do with the ABC syndication deal; we syndicate Howie, you must pick up Mitch's show and run it sometime. While he tries to keep the show as Detroit-centered as possible (he still does leads-in to traffic and plugs his own comings and goings in the city) it's still not the same.

<< On another front, I'm surprised that "The Dolans" personal-finance show
doesn't seem to be on the air in 617-land, especially since Ken Dolan,
an enthusiastic BC alum, has a local connection.  (Call 'em up from
around here, and he's likely to play the Eagle fight song.) >>

Now I may be extremely wrong, so I apologize beforehand if I am, but weren't the Dolans or a family member who is also in the financial world in legal trouble in recent years? I thought that may have contributed to their Boston radio hiatus.