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What's on brokered-time stations and when

Which brings up an interesting point. Of all the stations that could benefit
from Web sites, the stations that carry "variety"  programming would seem
to be able to benefit the most. (I put stations that carry a mixture of
brokered-time ethnic shows in this category.) What better medium than the
to let people know what's on such stations and when? The problem, of course,
is that creating Web sites and keeping them up-to-date takes lots of time,
which means lots of money. Although independent Web developers are available
by the hundreds, it takes money to hire them. Of all stations, ones that do
brokered time probably run under the tightest financial constraints.

Perhaps, though, there is a business opportunity for a concern that would
specialize in creating and maintaining Web sites for multiple brokered-time
ethnic stations, selling ads on those sites, and working with the
independent program producers to teach them techniques for selling even more
Web ads. Selling such services to a group (station management and indpendent
program producers) that can only be characterized as tight-fisted,
short-sighted, and has a reputation for slow (or no) payments sounds like
quite a challenge, however. Sounds like it would take more than en
entrepreneur; it would take someone on a mission.

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I believe there's an hour of Yiddish programming on WUNR 1600, on
Wednesday evenings, starting around 7:30 PM.