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Re: Lydon and WBUR


I've been silent for a while on this issue, for the same reason Dave
Faneuf was. But, speaking for myself and not my employer, I've got to ask
about this WNYC thing. Lydon picking up and moving to NY or simply sending
a new show from here to NY makes perfect sense. Except when you consider
the fact that WNYC already has two VERY successful talk shows from 10 to
Noon and Noon to 2.

Would WNYC honestly pay what is likely to be upwards of $250,000 to bring
back a host and staff for a show they only aired from 8 to 10 in the
evening on their low-nighttime-power AM? (Only 1 KW after dark)

It all seems a little fishy to me, though I have no doubt Chris will be
back on the air somewhere very soon. 

Whoever originally posted about WNYC - please write back, I'm curious to
know exactly what you heard.


Scott J. Saloway      
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